The wind is howling outside these walls
The rain and thunder doesn’t bother me at all
We sit here, quiet; the words won’t come
The way you leave the room is how I know we’re done

I would have stayed with you if you’d had faith in me
But all the love and all the fire fall short
When we both want something more

Remember winter? The curtains closed
Now you look skyward; I could never be so bold
You locked the future, I lost the key –
so break the window, take the fall and we’ll be free

I would have fought for you if you had cared for me
With all the shit, I took a step too far
And we both know how things are

The same old story, the nights draw in,
The ghosts are scratching at the memories of my sins
The clock has stopped
The moment’s come.
The way you close the door is how I know we’re done.

NARC. Magazine Demo of the Month, Feb 2017:

Head to, upload your music and you could have your tracks broadcast on BBC Radio‘An enthralling little piece of less-is-more, Ruth [sic] takes a remarkably simple and uncluttered melody and creates and interweaving tapestry of sparse percussion, glissando and acoustics, all carried by lyrics that are striking but never try too hard to convey their power. Ruth’s [sic] voice allows the rather ordinary imagery and the familiar lyrical theme of heartbreak to convey something more powerful, which is both refreshing and never truly outstays its welcome. It is evident she is a gifted songwriter, and it is also evident that she knows how to balance quality with quantity; even though it almost pushes the four-minute mark, no note feels like a wasted one.’ Michael O’Neill