A hurried update – the first in a while, as barely anyone visits this site (I’m v active on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, you see). BUT I’m am slightly overwhelmed and thrilled to have just this minute discovered my song Great Escape is being played on Tom Robinson’s BBC Introducing Mixtape tonight. And that page links to this site so, inbetween being not cool about this  AT ALL, here is some slightly more up to date info…


Noisy Daughters…

The song being played on the radio is Great Escape, and it is currently exclusive to the Noisy Daughters LP:


Released by Butterfly Effect Records, curated by the awesome Rianne Thompson, and managed by Tracks, it features a selection of music (wide ranging in styles) from various female artists around the North East. I’m hugely proud to be part of it alongside Eve Conway, Blom, Girl from Winter Jargon, GG Allen Partridge, Kay Greyson, Jennifer Walton and Komparrison. There’s a launch night taking place on 17 May, complete with free Noisy Daughters beer brewed especially for the occasion. Eve, Kay, Komparrison and Martha Hill & her band are playing. I will be on the door stamping your hands as you come in and urging you to buy the vinyl. All profits go into supporting women in music and hopefully creating more events and a second LP – which is needed because the LP features but a fraction of the women active in the music scene, and there are loads more to be heard.

Great Escape was first played on BBC Introducing Tees, and I do a nice bluesy acoustic version as well, but if any of my songs is going to get me off my bum and organising a band and some better tech skills, it’s this one.


Hope and Poison…

I put this up on Bandcamp and give 100% of the takings to Beatson Cancer Charity. At Christmas, the charity got a straight £100. Courtesy of a recent influx of purchases, another £200 is heading their way tomorrow. If you’d like to buy a copy of Hope & Poison (it’s a delicate acoustic affair, and it makes people cry), then please head to Bandcamp and know not a penny of your money goes to me, but it will go to help people.



I’m playing in Darlo tomorrow (6 May) – acoustic-ness – at 1pm and 3pm at the Food Fair. I’ll be outside Hatch, possibly being rained on but will play on regardless.

I’m also playing at Music Box Festival on 9 June, on the Roofbox Stage. If you listened to Bob Fisher’s live feed from Stockton Calling and heard me say September, a remind that is WRONG I was DRUNK and thinking of Last Train Home (details to be announced), which I am not playing at as far as I know right now, but at which I will be running around like a mad thing making sure bands get their riders and the like.


Song writing…

Have had a couple of people in touch about writing music with them, and hoping to have something decent to show from that soon. Watch this space…



I had proper press photos taken this week, but the lovely Rob Irish (who also produced Great Escape and – just be my manager Rob, honestly.) I hate hate HATE having my photo taken, so it was a Task. But I’ve seen and chosen some of the pics now and will be blopping those out at some point. Blopping is a word cause I say it is. I’ll plonk one of the lovely pictures up at some point.


And now I’m off to claim some sort of prize for breaking the World Record for Fastest Updating of a Website.


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