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So it’s been a while – because, well, if I’m honest, I won a writing award last year and spent much of the second half of the year buried in a manuscript. But that’s my other life – here are the updates on the music front for those of you that ever check this site out.

I released two more songs over the past several months. The first, So Long, was way back when. It’s available in all the usual places and I had grand plans for a video that never came to fruition. It’s a long-dark-night-of-the-soul song, so if you’re in the mood for that sort of thing, enjoy.

The second, Oh Love, I’d had sat in my back pocket for a while. It’s very trad, nothing like Done, nothing like Monster Food or So Long. On a whim, about three weeks ago, I slung it up on Soundcloud and on to BBC Introducing, just to do something with it. So not really a proper release. And I don’t play it live, because to do that with any semblance of being close to how it should be, it needs two more singers. TWIST: it made BBC Tees Introducing Track of the Week, and so soon I will put together some artwork and attempt to put it up on places beyond Soundcloud, which is where you can currently find it. Or just listen here.

Gigs I’ve done and enjoyed include the Festival of Ingenuity last year, and then a couple of weeks ago – following a cancellation thanks to the Beast from the East – I stepped in as the opening act for the inaugural ‘Noisy Daughters’ events put on by Tracks – where I also sat in on the panel AND I had a blast in the songwriting workshop with the Cornshed Sisters. It was a good day all round, with a really lovely crowd, and I’m hoping to do a full write up for Tracks (more on that another time) so that’s all I’ll say except check out the photos here (I warn you now, I do not photograph well – but the rest of the pics are gorgeous). The event even got a small write up in Vogue, with a cracking photo of Eve Conway included to boot! Closer to home – a review from Creative Darlington can be found here.

Turns out despite my bio being all ‘urgh argh performing oh nooooo’ I’m legitimately enjoying it these days, so I hope to be doing more this year.

Recording continues. As it turns out I have actual plans, and those plans should please both the people who prefer my stuff acoustic guitar-y, and those who like it all jazzed up and synth-y. Watch this space.

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