Monster Food: Track of the Week

As a relative newbie to actually releasing music, I still am – and probably always will be – thrilled when anyone broadcasts my songs, so I was really pleased when lovely Bob Fischer played ‘Monster Food’ (as he did ‘Done’) on BBC Tees Introducing this evening.
You can imagine I’m chuffed to the point of bursting that ‘Monster Food’ has been named Track of the Week and will be being played every day this week (commencing 15th Jan) on BBC Tees!

So this is a marvellous preview week, thank you Bob! The song will (should, fingers crossed)  officially be available to buy/download/stream from 27th Jan.

In the meantime, as the video is not even close to being done, here’s the artwork…


In other news, I came suspectedly dead last in a talent show last Sunday, but got to see a host of wonderful entertainers play. I swear I’m working hard on my live performances, so as to offer something decent IMV Week acoustic/folk style show I’m playing in Stockton on the 28th. (Acoustic means I’ll be wielding a guitar, so slightly different versions of the recordings, but please come along!)


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