Out now: single ‘Done’

I’m very pleased to present my first single, ‘Done’. Check it out on Bandcamp (where you can also download it), or on soundcloud, spotify, amazon and all the usual places.

Or check out the video below: a stop-motion feast that’s as lovely and flawed as the relationship in the song. (That’s the official line and I’m sticking to it.)

Learnt a lot about the art of stop-motion from making this, none of which I’ll be using, because Never Again. Too many hours when I should have been writing new stuff.

Fun fact: the mannequins are called Marti and Maurice. They were nice to work with and very professional. The glitter was not.

Please have a watch, share the link, show some love.


  1. This was excellent – really beautiful song and great work with the mannequins. Thanks for sharing. Wish Bangor wasn’t so far away as I’d come to your next gig!

    • Thank you for such lovely words, and for all the support.
      If I’m ever slightly closer I’ll let you know! x

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